Howe police seize 10 pounds of marijuana, $3,000 of stolen merchandise


Howe police arrested two people after they threw ten pounds of marijuana out of their car window and were found with $3000 worth of merchandise that police believe is stolen.

It all started around 3 a.m. on Monday. Police saw a car driving down U.S. Highway 75 missing a tag light.

“Once my officer got behind him he turned on his lights,” said Lt. Mike Hill of the Howe Police Department. “[The suspect] threw it out the window in hopes he would just not see it.”

The bag held ten pounds of marijuana valued between six and $10 thousand. Hill said the two suspects kept driving for another 2.5 miles before they pulled over.

Police found another surprise once the couple finally stopped.

“He noticed there was a lot of merchandise in the back of the vehicle,” Hill said. “Some of it included hoverboards, women’s lotions, and clothing with tags.”

Police also found packets of cigarettes and a drone. They estimate the value at around $3,000.

So they arrested 33-year-old Ricardo Lara from Denison and 25-year-old Karla Covarrubias-Huerta of Sherman for delivery of marijuana and tampering with evidence by tossing the bag out of the window. Both are felony charges.

“Future charges may be filed if we find out the products are stolen,” Hill said.

Both had their bonds set at $25,000. Hill said this sort of thing doesn’t happen often.

“Not just the drugs itself but the amount of merchandise thrown into the car,” Hill said, “it’s kind of odd.”