Goose Creek High School student arrested, had pistol and marijuana in car


A 19-year-old Goose Creek High School student was arrested after authorities say they found a handgun and marijuana in his car on campus.

School administrators noticed “concerning behavior” from the student at the end of the day Tuesday, according to the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office.

“The behavior was described as the student making the shape of a gun with his hand while making a ‘pop’ noise,” the Sheriff’s Office said.

The student wasn’t on campus Wednesday and couldn’t be located by investigators, the Sheriff’s Office said. He returned to campus Thursday and investigators spoke with him.

A school resource officer went to the student’s car, which was parked in front of the school, and “the odor of fresh marijuana was evident and emitting from the vehicle,” the Sheriff’s Office said.

“A search of the black Ford Fiesta 4-door was conducted whereupon a bag of a green plant-like substance was located,” the Sheriff’s Office said. “The substance was field tested presumptive to be marijuana. Under the passenger’s seat was a Glock, Model 19 pistol along with two loaded magazines and a partial box of ammunition. The gun itself was not loaded.”

The student was arrested and transported to the Hill-Finklea Detention Center pending warrant service and a bond hearing, the Sheriff’s Office said.

Parents received a message on Thursday from Principal Shameka Washington breaking down the incident, informing them that no student was harmed and that officials did not believe that there was ever a direct threat to the school or any students.

“We are following all procedures as outlined by the district’s policies to address this matter and are fully cooperating with the law enforcement investigation,” the message stated.

By: Gregory Yee, Post and Courier