‘Fish man’ hooked to handcuffs after marijuana bust


Source – http://www.wsfa.com/2019/02/14/fish-man-hooked-handcuffs-after-marijuana-bust/

LEE COUNTY, AL (WSFA) – The Alabama Drug Enforcement Taskforce has reeled in a large catch after arresting John Michael Davis, known locally as “The Fish Man.”

There was more in the barn at Davis’ Salem residence than hay. Multiple law enforcement officers inspected the space and found weed. Not the sea type. The C type, as in Cannabis.

The barn, located in the 1200 block of Lee Road 126, featured a hidden room where police say Davis had a “sophisticated grow operation.” Detectives recovered 120 marijuana plants, 16 pounds of marijuana, grow lights, ventilation equipment and liquid fertilizers.

Inside Davis’ home, officers found 20 different strains of marijuana.

Evidence found on the property of John Michael Davis.
Evidence found on the property of John Michael Davis. (Source: Lee County Sheriff’s Office)

The 63-year-old is facing a charge of trafficking marijuana. The investigation is still ongoing with more arrests expected. Alabama law states that marijuana trafficking of less than 100 pounds is subject to a minimum 3-year prison term and $25,000 fine.

The Drug Task Force’s Region D agents weren’t alone in their investigation. .Others, including ALEA Narcotics, Lee County Sheriff’s Office, Valley Police Department, Lafayette Police Department, Tallassee Police Department and the Russell County Sheriff’s Office were also involved.

Anyone with tips regarding this investigation should call the Lee County Sheriff’s Office at 334-749-5651.