Federal authorities investigate 18,000 pounds of marijuana in Pawhuska


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PAWHUSKA, Okla. (KTUL) — Federal authorities are investigating a large amount of possible marijuana found in Pawhuska.

They’re calling it one of the largest drug busts in the town’s history, and it may not have happened had the driver simply paid attention at a stoplight.

There were boxes upon boxes of possible marijuana found when 18-wheeler was searched this afternoon.

“That is a large amount,” said Pawhuska Police Chief Rex Wikel.

More than 18,000 pounds of marijuana was found piled into the 18-wheeler from Kentucky.

“They indicated they were going to Colorado,” said Wikel.

Wikel was assisting in the sizable drug bust.

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“I would probably say this is the biggest, if not the biggest,” said Wikel.

He says the truck and a van ran through the stop light at Main and Lynn Avenue.

One of his officers just so happened to be in the area and flashed her lights.

“They noticed the odor of marijuana coming from the truck; the driver of the truck indicated with a bill of laden, which is basically a bill of sale,” said Wikel.

A pile of, what the drivers say, is industrial hemp was being transported across the state.

It was field tested as marijuana and taken in for further tests.

Outside the boxes were stickers that claim that there’s candy inside, but stepping closer, the smell was overwhelmingly not sweet.

“They do have candy names on the crates, which is common when you have the marijuana,” said Wikel.

“Right now, hemp and transporting it from state to state is a gray area in our statues,” said Officer William Wamego.

Officer Wamego was one of the arresting officers, and he says the two drivers and reported security detail in a van driving behind acted professionally.

“They acted very assured of what they were doing was legal,” said Wamego.

Whether that ends up true is up to federal investigators.

As of now, it’s unclear if any of the four detained have been arrested.

We’re told it is legal to transport marijuana in Oklahoma with a valid Oklahoma medical marijuana license, but police say the truck drivers did not have any.