California man charged with flying $1.9 million of marijuana to Kane County


A California man was being held on $5 million bail on charges he used a plane to fly an estimated $1.9 million worth of marijuana into Kane County late last week.

Matthew S. Robinson, 34, of the 27900 block of Seco Canyon Road, Saugus, was charged last weekend with felony cannabis trafficking of more than 5,000 grams of marijuana by flying in the drugs, court records show.

Prosecutors estimate the drugs are worth $1.9 million.

Court records show the Aurora Police Department was the arresting agency.

Aurora police spokesman Dan Ferrelli did not have additional information regarding the arrest. A call to the Aurora Municipal Airport Monday was referred to Ferrelli.

Robinson is due in court Friday. He must post $500,000 to be released from the county jail. If Robinson tries to post bond, prosecutors have filed a motion requiring him to prove the money comes from legitimate, legal sources. Prosecutors state Robinson lives in California and has access to an airplane.

The motion did not specify the estimated quantity Robinson is accused of trafficking. Authorities typically give a monetary worth of $15 per gram for estimating the value in a marijuana bust. If that rate is used, some 280 pounds of marijuana may have been seized in the arrest.

Judge Marmarie Kostelny set Robinson’s bail Saturday. If guilty of the most severe charge, Robinson faces up to 30 years in prison with a possible extended term based on the quantity seized and any previous offenses.