79.77 pounds of processes marijuana, 727 plants, weapon seized in drug bust


SISKIYOU COUNTY, Calif-Authorities seize 727 illegal marijuana plants,79.77 pounds of processed marijuana, and a gun in latest Siskiyou County drug raid.

On Tuesday, the Siskiyou Interagency Marijuana Investigation Team (SIMIT) conducted the drug bust on an illegal marijuana grow site located on Marlin Drive and Carp St. in the Klamath River Country Estates.

Law enforcement seized 727 illegal marijuana plants worth approximately $8.7 million retail illegal drug market out-of-state, 79.77 pounds of processed marijuana worth about $319,080.00 retail illegal drug market out-of-state, and a 20-gauge shot gun.

Two adults (male and female), an 18-year-old male, and a baby were found in the property at the time of the raid.

The male and female were arrested and charged with child endangerment, the child was taken to Child Protective Services.

The male suspect was also charged for illegally growing marijuana and possession of marijuana for sale.

All were arrested and booked in the Siskiyou County Jail.

By: News 10