The Ice-Breaking Luxury Superyacht Is Tough Enough To Conquer The Coldest Waters On Earth


Not since Andrey Melnichenko’s bombproof Motor Yacht A have we seen a seafaring vessel that’s both luxurious and damn-near indestructible.

Measuring at a massive 230 feet, the Ida Pfeiffer ice-class superyacht can safely conquer earth’s most frigid seas.

Globe Regal designed the concept ship with a diesel electric propulsion system that is capable of making 7,000-mile journeys through treacherous iceberg laden waters.

Ida Pfeiffer  (2)

Globe Regal Yachting

On-board accommodations offer first-class cabins for 14 guests, 15 crew and an extra-luxe owner’s suite.

A variety of on-board vehicles including an H135 Airbus helicopter, two 45-foot tenders, an Icon water plane or a Triton submarine can be equipped to venture deeper into uncharted territory.

Ida Pfeiffer  (9)

Globe Regal Yachting

Should a disaster of Titanic proportions strike, two rescue boats can be deployed to make an emergency evacuation.

The Ida Pfeiffer doesn’t have a set price, but expect to spend well over $100,000 million to commission one from Dörries Yachts.

By: Brandon Friederich, Maxim