Ares Corvette Stingray Joins Four Other Unique Cars in Modena


A somewhat unlikely reunion of cars took place this weekend in Modena, Italy: a Corvette Stingray met up with Bentley Mulsanne, Mercedes-Benz G63, Porsche 964 GT3 Targa and Land Rover Defender to celebrate the birthplace of future tuned-to-the-extreme cars: the Ares Design Technical Centre.

As might know, Ares is led by Dany Bahar. If that name sounds familiar, that’s because it is: Bahar formerly served as Ferrari vice-president, Lotus CEO, and has had a four-year tour in Formula One before all that, at a management level.

Bahar set the basis for Ares in 2012, as a company specializing in body kits, interior upgrades, and performance and power improvements. Since then, the company managed to produce a handful of cars, all of which came to an Italian city for the final sign-off this week.

Ares opened In Modena this week new facility where it will design, develop and produce coach-built limited-edition cars. Bahar promises that 2018 will mark a milestone in the company’s history, as 10 different vehicles would be “either on the road, in-build or at concept phase and due for release.

“We believe we have found a sweet spot for bespoke automotive production: both in our location in Italy at the heart of the world of luxury cars, and in the marketplace for coach-building,” said Dany Bahar in a statement.

“Our technological advances and global headquarters allow for new levels of personalization that deliver cars in weeks, not years at prices that respect our clients. We have seen great interest in our projects for 2018, and it was amazing to see our first cars take to the roads.”